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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Voice and Other TV Concepts Day 4 Year 2

I have a thing for the television show called The Voice. After careful reflection, I can tell you that it moves me to see people pursue their dreams - sometimes even after being rejected by the judges in prior seasons. I can suggest that I am drawn to the gathering of talent, because only the talented are considered for the coveted spots on the judge’s teams.  I can report that the music is often ethereal, moving, or chill-making.  I do not care for the crowing of the judges when they successfully recruit a singer, or the sorrowful expression on the performers’ faces if they don’t make the cut. However, the rush of hearing raw talent recognized and nurtured draws me in each week.  
At the conclusion of the show, I had a thought last night; what if such a showcase existed  for writers. How would I fare?  Contestants would be given a topic, a laptop, and fifteen minutes to compose an eloquent, moving essay.  The judges would chit-chat for the audience while they awaited our entries.  At precisely fifteen minutes, our essays would be distributed to the judges and they would choose the ones among us worthy to go to the next round.  I suppose that would hardly make riveting television, but hey, even an absurd idea can, sometimes, show up on network television. 

Notes to self:
Is the competition as a singer tougher than as a writer?  Is it too late to start training?
Does the fact that I am without talent factor into it at all?

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