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Friday, September 28, 2012

The Brutal Truth

from www.portamental.com

The brutal truth is that I am not much of a musician.  I do not have the natural rhythm and the ear that is evident in those who are musically gifted.  Having said that, I maintain the belief that I am musically inclined.  I listen to music often. For four years, I sang in an a capella choir.  I persist in my piano lessons.  Weekly reminders of my woefully limited talent. No amount of practice will fully change the mechanics of my mind.  I see, however, that the tedium of practice does bring with it some hope that the any given piano piece I am playing may -- if it falls on generous ears -- be recognizable.  Despite the fact that I am not blessed with perfect pitch or a steady meter, I love playing the piano. I love the certainty of moving from chord to chord, I love the pure mathematics of music, and I love the constancy of finding the notes exactly where they should be when my fingers reach for them. The fault, when there is one, is always mine.  

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