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Monday, April 16, 2012

Stars and Flowers, Heaven and Earth

About a month ago, the stars populated the night sky so thickly that I wondered how much space existed between them; a measurable distance between heavenly bodies was not always possible to discern.  Despite a lifetime habit of keeping my gaze turned upward at night, I had never seen a sky such as that one.  My mouth hung slack-jawed when I saw two shooting stars chase each other like stones skipping across a tremendous, black pond.  The closest approximation I have seen of the brilliant display was at the Museum of Science in the Astronomy Exhibit.  With the people coming and going quite regularly through the open door, it was not easy to forget we were gazing upon a manmade representation of the firmament. I cupped my hands around my eyes so that I could imagine universe upon universe, glimmering in colors of yellow, blue, white and red. The sky that I was fortunate to view by stepping out my front door and down two steps was proof that there is order amidst the chaos of the Universe.  
An echo of that magnificent show was reprised today.  This time, it was underfoot, rather than overhead.  Since yesterday, the lawn has erupted in miniature white and blue flowers, with little yolks of yellow in their centers. Perhaps the bluettes were lying in wait, ready for sunlight and water to make their move, but the suddenness of the display was striking none-the-less. The carpet of flowers was rolled out over the entire expanse of grass.  The bluettes basked under the awning of trees that were frothy with new growth.
From earth to the heavens, the marvels never cease.

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