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Saturday, April 14, 2012

My God Box

My God Box.

In November, 2010, Real Simple magazine published an essay written by Mary Lou Quinlan.  Inside the God Box chronicles Mary Lou’s journey as she comes to know her mother through the prayers her mother  placed in a God Box. My own mother had died recently, and the essay left me with moist and weepy eyes. I was inspired to create a God Box of my own. It was one of a hundred experiences that have led me to believe that I have a direct relationship with God.  Our shared language is not one of words so much as it is one of circumstance.  Coincidence is nothing more than God talking to me.  
I scurried about to locate a box that would serve. After transferring the contents of a small box in our dining room, I wrote and dated the first of many prayers that I would place in the box.  As I wrote and folded up my prayers, I became aware of just how often I do speak to God. Pausing to put words to my prayers caused a shift in my awareness. My prayers felt considerably more      defined when I took a moment to write them down. 
My Prayers.
One after another, the prayers accumulated in my God Box. That single box carries so much of me; my hopes, my fears, my joys, my gratitude are chronicled on little slips of paper. I opened the box and placed my prayers inside so many times that I have lost  count.  
Yesterday, I poured out the prayer slips. They floated down from the box and drifted like white rose petals onto my bed. The dates and prayers were jumbled. It was a bittersweet moment. The prayers called forth memories of loved ones, departed and loved ones, healed.  I saw my gratitude expressed more times than I realized. In a small box in my dining room, my conversation with God continues to deepen. I will continue the practice of sending love notes to God.  I will continue to listen and look for his answers.

To read more about Mary Lou Quinlan's work:

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