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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Horticulture Whately Prep. p. 15


Now the grass, tomorrow
the stiff curl of wild carrot leaf. 
from Spring and All by William Carlos Williams 

My job was once all about tending the perennials and ensuring that we had photographs, scintillating copy and plenty of practical advice to offer our readership.  When I became Editor-in-chief, my responsibilities shifted. I lost field-time.    I think of what it must be like to become Chief of Surgery.  I know that the job entails meetings, administrative duties, employee management and all manner of things other than surgery.  I relate. 
My life with Julia and the children and my role as a father is full of certainties.  Julia is like a German-engineered machine.  Reliable, tremendously efficient, and beautiful to watch in motion.  Our days are harmonious.  Our nights, while lacking the passion of bust-ripping romance novels, are pleasant and we share affection.  We have never shared a bedroom.  That would be too much to ask, but the children accept it as our habit.  There was a time in our marriage that I was so angry about Kelly’s death, that I withdrew from Julia and the family.  I knew that Kelly’s death was not Julia’s fault, but I am human and could not help laying the blame at her feet. She was with her last.  
I am content these days to visit friends, eat dinner out, play a round of golf, spend time with the kids and most of all, help others learn and appreciate horticulture with the same passion that I do.  

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