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Friday, July 18, 2014

Return to Blogging Welcome Aboard Post 1

This figure, sitting on the sidewalk, sparked my imagination.
      To be frank, I wasn’t sure how my re-entry into blogging was going to go.  I have taken a hiatus while I redirected my personal life.I considered the possibility that there might be a dearth of topics for me to share with my readers.  After all, I am trying to become really, truly expert at letting go, letting be.  Perhaps I let go of too much. Having said that, however, I am struck with the notion that, like a computer that has several programs running concurrently in the background, I am subconsciously gathering material all of the time.  I slowly began to realize that, unwittingly, I have been trolling for material during my entire hiatus.  I envision myself having left multiple windows open on the computer I call my brain. Scores of them have accrued,stacked upon each other. Layered in my mind, laying in wait.  Everyday, posts have shown up ready to go. Pleading to be written.
I, however, chose not to listen.
      Unsuccessfully.  I discovered one can only subvert the mind for so long. It will not be silenced. It requires authenticity. It requires respect.  It demands that we put it to use applying whatever native gifts with which we have been blessed. When it comes down to it, the mind is an expression of whatever work the brain does on our behalf.  In a contest between brain and mind, in my world, MIND would win.
So, while I lost myself in a pity fest and visited deep, dark places I hope never to see again, I kept on gathering ideas for posts on my blog.  Some days, I would lay stretched out on my bed, flat on my back, laptop on my stomach. On those days, I imagined I was one of the beachcombers that I saw most mornings looking for prized sea glass or fairy’s toenails or mermaid’s necklaces  or that rare, flat stone just perfect for skipping (the things for which I have hunted for over 50 years).  Rather than beachcombing, I combed my mind for ideas. I was rewarded with buckets full.  It might be possible that I would need a small pickup truck to deliver the haul of ideas that I have netted.  To my children’s  consternation, I took to writing these topics on little scraps of paper.  “Mom, you have and iPad, and iPhone and a MacBook. You can even dictate the thoughts. Stop the Madness!”
My son added that “ it’s almost an insult to technology that you would resort to such an antiquated method of capturing the creative process.”

      During my time away from my blog, I was reminded of one gardening season when I planted an unlabeled envelope of mixed seeds.  It was an act of blind faith since I had absolutely no idea what might germinate. Even more importantly, I couldn’t even guess what conditions would most likely lead the seeds to germinate and prosper. In just the same way, I have little sense of what to do with the plethora of ideas that have nearly swamped me during the past nine months.  In my mind’s eye, every idea bears nurturing. Ultimately, I devised a system by setting up quarterly folders. When an idea struck, I just typed it up and dropped it electronically in the folder.  Sometimes, there was nothing more than a few key trigger words or a passing thought or a quotation (mine or one of the greats).  Into the quarterly file they went. To further satisfy the pleading of my techy children, I started shooting a quick iPhone photograph to preserve the thought at that moment.  It remains to be seen whether my musings are of interest to a single soul.  Here is a peek at some random topics....

 Blogworthy Topics in the Hopper and ready to go......
Making a film with my son.

Finally, my ship has come in.

Shouldn’t we all have a Rescue Remedy?

A mosaic wall of tiles designed by children after 9/11.

Subject to interpretation?

Sunflowers growing in a random urban garden.


An error made right, warms my heart!

 Notes from my Quotes - Grist for the Mill, topics for my Blog.

“Once a master, always a student.”  I woke up thinking that.  I couldn’t trace it as a famous quotation, but I hesitate to claim it as my own because it is so very obvious.

"You tend to get very good at whatever you do over and over again.  Think about it very carefully.  What is it you choose to be good at?  What are you choosing NOT to be good at?

Be prepared for the posts that will follow. I can only hope you will come aboard for the ride. 

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  1. "My son added that “ it’s almost an insult to technology that you would resort to such an antiquated method of capturing the creative process.”
    LOL....THAT was funny !!!